The Liberal Catholic Church

Historical View

Our name

The matter of name of the Church came up again at a meeting of the members in Sydney, Australia, in 1918. Several suggestions were made and finally the name The Liberal Catholic Church, which Bishop Wedgwood preferred, was agreed upon. Hereby the new Church was officially detached from its parent body, while continuing through its Apostolic Succession to be a part of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Christ.

In his Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury (1920), Bishop Wedgwood presents the unique position of the Liberal Catholic Church in relation to other Churches. He says: ‘The Liberal Catholic Church has no wish to proselytise from among the adherents of any Church, and as an earnest of this welcomes all to regular and full participation in its services without asking or expecting them to leave their original Church. Its chief appeal is addressed to the thousands who, in these days of materialism and religious ineptitude, stand outside the existing Church organisations and religious societies, and are bereft of the help they could otherwise receive. Its congregations are mainly composed of men and women who had ceased to attend Church.’

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